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When I was getting started as a second career dev, it wasn't all that easy to find content that was geared toward people like me who were coming from a non-traditional background. As I grew in confidence, I decided it was important for me to "give back" to the community by creating content that always kept the non-traditional developer in mind.

Have you felt my content has helped you or maybe you, like me want to give back to the community, but are not inclined to create content yourself? Maybe you are just really nice? No matter the reason, please consider sponsoring non-traditional dev. It helps me to be able to create content on a regular basis. Thank you again.

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An Intro to Solid.js for React Developers

May 12, 2022In the 2021 state of JS survey result, solid.js, in its debut appearance, surprised many by jumping straight to the top of the satisfaction score. It beat out not just React but Svelte, the 2020 satisfaction leader. While React still maintains a sign...

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