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As you may know, I have been running the Non-Traditional Dev blog for some time now. It has been a rewarding experience to share my insights and connect with so many of you in the web development community.

When I was getting started as a second career dev, it wasn't easy to find content geared toward people like me who were from a non-traditional background. As I grew in confidence, I decided it was important to "give back" to the community by creating content that always kept the non-traditional developer in mind.

Have you felt my content has helped you, or maybe you, like me, want to give back to the community but are not inclined to create content yourself? Maybe you are just really nice? No matter the reason, please consider sponsoring non-traditional dev. By sponsoring Non-Traditional Dev, you can help me continue to create valuable content and reach a wider audience of web developers and designers. Your sponsorship would allow me to invest more time and resources into creating high-quality content, covering a wider range of topics, and providing more value to my readers.

I appreciate your support.

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