Composing Layouts in React is Live🎉

Composing Layouts in React is Live🎉

Composing Layouts in React with Travis Waith-Mair, creator of Bedrock Layout Primitives

The day has finally come. I am so happy to share my first course on composing layouts. This course takes all the knowledge I have gained working on two different design systems, as well as my own layout library. Please check it out at

Thoughts On Writing a Course

I thought I would list out a couple of random thoughts in no particular order about what it took to get here:

  • Writing a course is harder than you think, no matter how hard you think it will be.
  • Determine your target audience early and keep them involved at all stages of the creation process.
  • Feedback from your target audience is more important that your peers
  • Open Source is a great carrier tool
  • Even if you don’t think you are ready to write a course, you are.

Thanks again for subscribing and checking out my course and don’t forget to check out my new twitch, where I stream every wednesday building the Bedrock Layout Primitives library.